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Commerce AVING and
Korean Importers Seeking Brand Partners Worldwide

Commerce AVING is a Korea-based international business development and a marketing professional that assists, supports and helps international companies to achieve their business goals in Korea.

Backgrounded on 30+ year careers and world class brands business in Korea, Commerce AVING has been helping international companies succeed in Korea business. Seeking and finding your partners in Korea, stepping market entry and media-publishing, let us help you effectively and efficiently.

Commerce AVING supports international enterprises with the practical steps related to exporting or establishing their products/brands to Korea market:

– Distribute and Direct Sale Online
– Search and Find the best partner(distributor or importer)
– Assist int’l enterprise to make the best deals with Korean partners
– Help a register of trade mark(brand) on Korea Patent Office, if needed
– PR, contents publishing(Website) and media publishing(News)



1. Importimg
Direct Commerce AVING
The Direct Commerce AVING is when your products are exported/sold directly to Commerce AVING, as a consignee, for Korea markets.
Commerce AVING plays a role as an agent and a trading company. Commerce AVING directly promotes your products. Commerce AVING takes ownership of the goods, accompanying risk, and usually on-sell through wholesalers and retailers to end-users.

Indirect Commerce AVING
The Indirect Commerce AVING is when products are sold via Commerce AVING through local wholesalers or distributors. Commerce AVING represents one or more indirect exporters in return for commission on sales.
Commerce AVING may involve: Import management companies who import products on behalf of indirect importers(wholesalers or sub-distributors), operating either as an agent or distributor. Commerce AVING gather market information, provide promotional advice, arrange shipping and documentation.

2. Contractual strategies
Licensing is when you gives Commerce AVING a permission to use its property for a specific time. Common licensed property may include patents, copyright, formulae, designs, trademarks and brand names.
Licensing is frequently used in the manufacturing sector where companies are granted the right to use process technologies in return for royalty payments.Commerce AVING Business Development services are targeted at product that are first entering Korea market or companies trying to align performance of Korean operations with “Commerce AVING” or Korean partners.

3. Market Focus
Efficient, effective and facilitated market entry is achieved by combining your company strategy with Commerce AVING veterans.

4. Building Strategy in Korea Market 
Building Strategy is based on the clearer understandings of Korea market and core success factors generated through the Market Focus. Commerce AVING builds Strategy by:
– Building & Expending Brand by media publishing over Korean consumers
– Right pricing and Distributing to Korea #1 good reputattion and big stores
– The best B/S & A/S for customer



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